Lexy the Elderbull

Lexy the Elderbull is a senior rescued pitbull living life to the fullest in Vancouver, BC. 
We are dedicated to advocating for rescue animals, specifically senior dogs and pitbulls. 
We aim to provide information on animal welfare issues, resources for adoption, senior dogs and pitbulls, and fundraising tips supporting our advocacy values and mission.     
Photo by Chris Lee Photography
Lexy's Fundraisers
Yaletown Pet Hospital & GoFetch Health
for a
Lexy's 13th Adoptaversary Bash
"Aged To Perfection"
Feb 1- Mar 15, 2019   

A Fundraiser benefitting  Pinups for Pitbulls  &
Charlie's Pet Food Bank
"Aged To Perfection"
Lexy was adopted at 8 years young on January 30th 2014.  It was as clear to me then as it is now.. Lexy has the soul of an elder.  She is wise, understanding, and a compassionate and a humble storyteller – her eyes and silver flecked fur tell her story and compel those around her to share in her experiences.

Lexy is a matriarch; she has experienced much in her 13 years - the first 8 of hardship, abuse and neglect and all that followed of Queendom and comfort.  Through it all she has displayed only a gentle and loyal spirit, a promotion of cohesion and love, sharing and respect.
It is this gentleness and integrity that makes Lexy’s character so relatable and enduring. Once you meet her you will never forget.
In honour of Lexy’s 13th Birthday and 5th Adoptaversary we are celebrating with a charity fundraiser that speaks to her life.  

Lexy's fundraiser has two distinct but complimentary aspects:

Our Lexy campain merchandise donates 100% to Pinups for Pitbulls and we've partnered wtih Nair & Bjorn and Dress My Humans who are both donating partial proceeds from sales to PFPB.

We are truly honoured to announce that we've partnered wtih Yaletown Pet Hospital and GoFetch Health to both promote senior dog health and donate funds to Charlie's Pet Food Bank.

“Aged To Perfection”.  The design, created by Maddie Powers, www.fayeandrae.com is purposefully drawn with just a single line, extending into the text itself.  The arts’ style represents Lexy’s long life line and the continuum that is her story. 
A single line along which there are twists and turns that shape a life to perfection and become the outward beauty of all that we recognize as a life well lived. 

Just as a fine wine, or an aged whiskey are refined and only get better with time Lexy, and all senior dogs are "Aged to Perfection".

A little about the charities this campaign is supporting.....

Pinups For Pibulls

This fabulos charity was founded in 2005 by Deirdre ‘Little Darling’ Franklin. Deirdre was tired of finding that so-called rescues and shelters were euthanizing healthy, friendly, and adoptable animals due to their alleged “breed,” and so she utilized her background in modeling and education in fine arts to create a calendar like no other–eye-catching pinup girls and their pups, paying close attention to detail and era appropriate style along the way.
Since 2005, PFPB has continued its progress and has grown exponentially into the internationally recognized organization it is today. Deirdre’s initial vision and mission has remained intact, however her passion for animals and her ability to capture an audience has enabled PFPB to reach people across the world.
PFPB is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization whose mission is to educate people about the history, temperament, and plight of the pit bull-type dog; raising awareness to rally against Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) and Breed Discriminatory Laws (BDL). PFPB’s goal is to restore the image of the pit bull-type dog to its former reputation of America’s companion animal, war hero, and family member.

Charlie's Pet Food Bank
Charlie’s pet food bank provides free and low-cost pet services for people who are homeless, living outdoors, low-income and senior pet guardians in downtown Vancouver.
This community-based initiative was created to improve the lives of pets living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Launched in 2000 by the BC SPCA’s Chief Animal Health Officer at the time, Dr. Jamie Lawson, and the Vancouver Food Bank, Charlie’s is named after a starving dog that came into our animal hospital in critical condition. Sadly, we weren’t able to save Charlie, and he passed away after three weeks of intensive care.
As part of the Downtown Eastside, we have become a resource for many pet guardians and community support workers. To help pet guardians we take a harm reduction approach by showing respect for the person and building relationships. Charlie’s is a volunteer-operated program and all pet food and supplies are donated.

Items distributed weekly
  • Pet food – dog, cat and small pet (dry and wet)
  • Cat and dog treats
  • Cat litter
  • Cat litter boxes
  • Toys – dog, cat and small pet
  • Collars, harnesses and leashes
  • Dog coats
  • Beds
  • Pet carriers

Services provided weekly
  • Cat and dog nail trims
  • Dog training tips
  • Information on basic pet care, behaviour and animal by-laws
  • Referral to animal hospital if needed
  • Registration for free cat/dog spay/neuter
  • Registration for Charlie’s free vet clinic

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