Lexy is a senior pibble, rescued at the age of 8 years young, from a backyard breeding situation. She spent many months in the shelter waiting for someone, anyone, to notice her and show her the love she so desperately craved. In all her months of care she received only one application to adopt and I feel so very lucky that that person was me.  Where others walked by her cage and saw a senior dog, a pitbull type dog, and a dog with a distended belly from over breeding I saw simply a dog who needed love. 
When Lexy first joined my family she was shy, nervous, underweight, and suffered physical and emotional symptoms of years of breeding and confinement. Her wounds did not hold her back. From the very first day she only loved and all she asked was to be loved in return.    
Considering all humanity had done to her, Lexy thrives and takes great joy in the company of humans. She is an ambassador for pitbull type dogs: forgiving, loving, tender, and a beautiful soul. She spends her days playing and swimming at the beach, being curious, learning new tricks, and snugging in close for naps. 
Together, Lexy and her family strongly support pitbull type dogs and senior dogs, we're rescue strong, and advocate for anti-discrimination for all.
There is no hope for humanity if we continue to look past those in need - be they four legged or two - and to label and judge based on our fears.  We can all learn much about who we should be from a rescue dog.
We welcome you to join our crusade.
Lexy the Elderbull; elderbull; kiss a pit; kissabull;

Lexy the Elderbull

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Lexy the Elderbull; elderbull; pitbull smile;
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