Lexy's Fundraisers
"Lessons of Love.. from the Kids"
May 20 - June 15, 2018

Lexy & Bruce's Fundraiser
100% benefitting Stand Up For Pits Foundation & Sharks 4 Kids

The honesty, openness and pureness of children is something to be cherished.  Equally, thier ability to see the world at face value, to observe what is in front of them without judgement is a thing of beauty and something we should all strive for.

How is it that children look at Lexy and Bruce and see only a fun little duo with so much love to give but many adults see labels and atribute behaviours without even knowing thier story? 

This fundraiser celebrates that pureness of children and showcases their vision of Lexy and Bruce through hand drawn own art pieces by 2nd Graders from Baker Elementary School in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

By purchsing and supporting this fundraiser you will not only be helping kids to know there is no voice too small but also that we can all make a differrence no matter how young we are.

100% proceeds donated ad shared equally between two of our most favourite organizations – the ever amazing Stand Up For Pits Foundation (SUFP) & Sharks 4 Kids. 
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Lexy the Elderbull
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Original  Artwork by

2nd Grade Class
 Baker Elementary School
Altoona, Pennsylvania

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